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Boris needs a Prince Hal moment says YouGov’s Stephan Shakespeare:

I think Boris could well transform into a major political figure. But he will need a ‘Prince Hal Moment’ – like the chilling, impressive scene when Shakepeare’s Henry IV, the new-made king, turns his back on the boozing, womanizing, amusing old friend Falstaff, to assume the mantle of true leadership. Boris must also turn away from the Falstaff within him. He should be able to make us smile, but above all he should make us believe he will be a real mayor, making London a better place to live.

Stephan’s stance is particularly interesting, because he owns ConservativeHome, which will be the key public battleground during the Tory Mayoral primary. Stephan is right, Boris will need to show that as well as a talent for publicity, he has a talent for public policy.

Seven days until nominations close…

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