Gordon @ PMQs

Mrs Fawkes prevented Guido from seeing the first PMQs clash live (the picture on the right is from a previous PMQs session) but reports reach Guido that in the Public Gallery were Gordon’s brother and Wilf Stevenson. They will have been disappointed.

Watching the recording, Brown got off to a surprisingly shaky and stammering start. The act he is putting on will be difficult to maintain, trying to sound unnaturally consensua, as fake as his new smile. Give it a few months and the inner Gordon will come through. His perfomance was such that he was slapped down by Ming. That was a change…

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Quote of the Day

John McDonnell tells the Gallery/Lobby lunch what the priest told him to do…

‘He persuaded me to do this. He said you need to soften your image. So do Mumsnet and do this…. I’m trying to soften my image.’


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