How to Get Ahead in Cowley Street

Since the departure of the Kennedy regime in January 2006, the LibDems have been very keen to abide by fair and scrupulous application processes in order to widen the net of talent that is employed at their Westminster HQ.
Ed Davy, the LibDem campaigns supremo and Ming’s chief of staff, must therefore know some very talented people. By remarkable coincidence, the three key spin appointments since Davy took on the role of campaigns chair have been:
  • Olly Grender as acting communications director – who is a close friend and former flatmate of Ed.
  • Johnathan Oates as permanent communications director – Ed’s former agent in Kingston and the best man at his wedding in 2006.
  • Hannah Parker Gardiner, has been appointed as Head of Media just recently – Ed’s ex-lover.
With Davy so connected to such a wealth of talent it is a wonder the party bothers with an application process at all. Why not just ask Ed who he has in his address book that might be suitable for any particular role? Wonder if Ed has leadership ambitions for the future? Placing his people in position now would be quite cunning…

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