Civil Liberties Group Condemns Race Speech

No not Big Brother, this is about Gordon Brown. Remember these headlines following Gordon’s speech to the GMB on Monday?

British workers for British jobs Daily Telegraph
Brown pledges ‘British workers for British jobs’ Daily Mail
Get British jobless doing British jobs Daily Mirror
Brown to put British workers first in jobs queue The Herald
Brown promises Britons first refusal on jobs The Independent

Colin Brown in the Independent explained: “Gordon Brown promised his union backers for the leadership of the Labour Party that as Prime Minister he will ensure British people get first refusal of jobs in Britain.” Oonagh Blackman in the Daily Mirror summarised his position as:“Gordon Brown yesterday pledged to give jobs to British workers ahead of migrants.”

So Gordon is promising discrimination in the job market against foreigners like Guido? Hmmm.

A civil liberties group, Liberty and Law, has reported the speech to the Commission for Racial Equality, saying “He must be aware that non-British citizens from the European union have an absolute right to live and work in this country without being subject to discrimination by employers. His speech appears to be xenophobic and gives reason for foreigners to fear for their … employment rights, apparently facing a government under his leadership that will attempt to discriminate against them.”

Imagine the outcry if a Tory backbencher had advocated “British jobs for British workers…”

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