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Somewhere an abandoned Blackberry is gathering dust. Guido long ago switched to a Sony W810i sleek little black phone which allows him to check his email and listen to the Today programme whilst walking into lamp-posts on the way to the office. As well as being an FM radio it has a decent digital camera and built-in MP3 player. It also occasionally makes phone calls.
Guido is a Sony loyalist, his laptop is a lightning-fast Vaio dual-core, his digital camera is a Cybershot. Handily the memory sticks are interchangeable, so the latest pictures of Baby Fawkes can be emailed to Grandad Fawkes from his laptop or mobile.

Having just seen the Sony UX ultra-mobile-pc Guido desperately wants one. It is the smallest, lightest, fully functioning high-end PC ever. It has the power of a desktop workstation, plus a 32 gigabyte flash drive, 4 1/2 inch touch screen, full keyboard, built-in Bluetooth, wi-fi and two cameras. All this fits into the palm of your hand – if you grease Sony’s palm with £1,999.

This is hard for Guido to claim he needs in addition to the Sony Vaio laptop and the all singing, all dancing-to-the-mp3, mobile phone. The sexy gadget comes somewhere in between them and can barely be justified by the demand for blogging on the move.

So if Sony’s PR people are reading this, well, you know, could you, please, oh go on…

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