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Arty types are head-in-hands over proposed 35% funding cuts from 2008 – Tessa Jowell will use the money to fund the 2012 Olympics instead. So about a hundred luvvies convened at London’s Shunt Vaults last Wednesday, to try to work out what to do. Enterprising Sally Marie, a choreographer and contemporary dancer, suggested that one breakout group discuss finding other sources of funding. But only one other comrade came over to join her… and he was from the Arts Council. Sally, whose dance company received £20,000 of taxpayers money from the Arts Council last year, tells Guido that: “Arts Council funding is the lifeline for all of us – I know this as well as anyone. But it’s not a question of taxpayers money or nothing. There’s more money out there – let’s find it if we can.” How refreshingly Thatcherite.

Co-conspirators can win a pair of tickets to see her new dance theatre work Dulce Et Decorum, showing Saturday 21st April at the Place Theatre in London’s Euston. Audiences will likely enjoy the free ice cream (sponsors Judes Ices, distributed at half time as part of the show. They may also enjoy an X-rated blast of full-frontal nudity (only for the sake of art, of course) at the finale of the piece.

Dulce Et Decorum runs for one night only – Saturday 21st April – as part of the Place Theatre’s Springloaded season for choreographers on-the-way-up.

Tickets for the show, performed by Sally’s company Sweetshop Revolution, cost from £5 – £15 and are available from the Box Office at the Place Theatre – 0207 121 1100 or (The performance starts at 8pm).

A lucky co-conspirator can win a pair of tickets to the show by supplying a humorous caption for the black-and-white photo on the show’s flyer (pictured here). Closing date for entries is 5pm this Monday. Please send your captions direct to Sally, by email.

Post your captions in the comments below as well.

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