Alan Rusbridger : Correction

In an article last week Guido suggested that Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the loss making Guardian, was paid an “obscene” £487,000 last year. Guido would like to apologise for this error since he was not paid £487,000.

Piers Morgan gets him to reveal, in a brilliant* interview, that he actually trousered £520,000 last year. Some priceless banter in the interview (see the “how much is a loaf of bread?” bit). You can sense some testosterone issues in the room. Strangely they didn’t discuss Rusbridger’s private life in much detail, which is odd when you consider what him and Piers have in common.

*“Brilliant” in the sense of completely steam rollering him, I should know.

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David Mundell tells The Times…

“I expect Christmas to take place.”


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