Labour HQ Model Press Release

As sent out TO BROWNITES:

XXXXXX Welcomes 11th Brown Budget

XXXXXXXX MP XXXXXXX has welcomed Gordon Brown’s 11th Budget as a ‘magnificent deal for Britain’.

XXXXXXX added that the Chancellor’s budget proved Labour is the Party of low taxes and safe economic management.

He said: “For the environment, for families, for businesses, pensioners and children, this was a Budget that delivered brilliant benefits.

“Corporation tax cuts will help XXXXX businesses, while rises in spending on schools, hospitals and defence of £17 billion will see us all safer, more secure and better educated.

“Above all else though, Gordon has delivered an amazing reduction in the basic rate of Income Tax which will see huge savings for XXXXXXXXXXXXX people.

“I was also delighted to see measures introduced to help the fight against global warming, as well as a major increase in the fund to help people who have seen their pensions demolished.

“On top of all these measures, the doubling of Capital Gains Tax allowance for couples will make a significant difference for thousands of XXXXXXXX families who have been responsible with their incomes.

“This is a golden budget for Britain and a clear sign of the great Prime Minister Gordon Brown will soon become.”

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Quote of the Day

Dame Laura Cox report into Pestminster slams Bercow and his team…

“I find it difficult to envisage how the necessary changes can be successfully delivered, and the confidence of the staff restored, under the current senior House administration.”


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