IPPR Wonk Whoring Again

Wonks for Sale : IPPR has been caught taking payments for policy again.

IPPR is pushing an unpopular road pricing plan, despite 640,000 petitoners having gone to the Downing Street website to protest against the plan. The IPPR website reveals that for the last two years hardly a month has gone by without a press release or event pushing the poll-tax-on-wheels.
T-Systems supplies the electronic systems that collect €3 billion-a-year from German petrol-heads. Surprise, surprise, T-Systems has given £45,000 to the IPPR in the hope of picking up the contracts for supplying the auto-spy-in-the-sky. Policy payola without disclosure is discrediting wonkland, the recycling of corporate press releases as policy advice stinks and Westminster reeks of it.

The IPPR claims that

Our agenda is simple: we want to build a fairer, more democratic and environmentally sustainable world. We are driven by these values, not by any party or interest group.


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