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It is indicative of a sense of self doubt that so many Americans have asked me, “who are you and why are you in America?” Iraq remains my dominant issue with Iran rapidly moving up the agenda, so I have met with a number of politicians and commentators from across the political spectrum from Neo-Cons to Warmongers.

I’m here with the Homeland Security, Cluster Bomb Manufacturers and Public Safety Equipment Suppliers Association. It is always reassuring, and sometimes surprising, to see how many British businesses are at the forefront of life-stopping and life-saving technologies. I’ll get a chance to explore this tomorrow at a large exhibition our businesses are hosting. What a pity we don’t hear more of this from our own media.

I told my good friend Karl Rove yesterday, as we shook hands after our 2 minute meeting, that when the Tories are back in power, there will be no more pan-European procurement, we’ll be buying and flying Boeing all the way. He just chuckled, “don’t forget to carbon offset, William.”

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