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Up until yesterday the official position when asked for comment, and the Lobby asked for comment almost daily at times, went like this

“the Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman (PMOS) said that he didn’t give a running commentary on any police investigation, this investigation was no different. “

This mantra was repeated over and over again, the likes of Hazel Blears said

“it would be entirely wrong for me to make any comment on an ongoing police investigation.”

When Blair was cheekily asked by a Tory MP at PMQs as to what statement he would be making to the police, he responded that for obvious reasons he would not be making any comment. Even the most junior Labour MP stuck to this pompous formula – until yesterday. Now they are accusing the police of behaving theatrically. Lord Puttnam, Labour luvvie and confidant of Ms Turner, was on all the news shows yesterday telling us the police investigation was “bullshit”.

Tessa Jowell, a Blairite holdout, who herself was a signatory to some legally dubious mortage applications and is the wife of David Mills, Berlusconi’s co-defendant, who is himself up on fraud charges, also suddenly became very keen to comment on “an ongoing police investgation”.

That disgraced ex-Home Secretary and expense fiddler, Blunkett is pompously doing the rounds of studios maligning the police, accusing them of “grandstanding.” In truth the investigators are conducting an investigation under intense political and media scrutiny. Clearly they have grounds to suspect that far from fully co-operating, Ms Turner has attempted to pervert the course of justice. The current denizens of Downing Street seem to be under the illusion that they are above the law and that normal police procedures should not apply to them. They will find out that they do.

Guido is given to understand that the police have recently discovered an evidential “smoking gun” and that they are now more confident that this will all see the light of day at the Old Bailey. There is increasing confidence that the CPS will be compelled, by the evidence, to bring prosecutions.

The denizens of Downing Street can huff and puff all they like, but their house is coming down…

*Picture Credit : Curly’s Corner Shop

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