New Improved New Labour “Will Wash Whiter than White”

Yesterday Tony told the hacks at his monthly press conference that:-

“I believe that provided we hold our nerve in the reform and change programme, provided we go to New New Labour if you like, and don’t retreat from New Labour, we will come through this with the renewed sense of leadership and energy and drive that we need”

He went on to confirm that he planned to stay for the EU summit in June. Guido still has money on the Aznar option on Betfair. Keeping Gordon waiting until the wheels fall off the economy would scupper Gordon’s electoral chances.

Alas for Gordon, even New New Labour won’t wash with the voters.

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Quote of the Day

David Gauke rejects Corbyn as a ‘national unity PM’

If anyone thinks the answer is Jeremy Corbyn, I think they’re probably asking the wrong question.


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