If Fox Wants to Be the Prince of the RightHe Should Resign on Principle Now mdi-fullscreen
ConservativeHome is reporting that Doc Fox’s freelancing has gone too far with his latest kick Poland and Hungary out of NATO idea. Cameron and Hague gave him a bollocking and told him to stick to the script rather than wondering off into his preferred Neo-Con fantasyland.

Fox should think about his position this weekend. It is the perfect moment for him to resign and become the backbench champion of the right. He can, with some justice, point to Cameroon trimming on foreign affairs. As it is they treat him like a mushroom (kept in the dark with plenty of fertiliser), his profile is kept deliberately low. If he wants to be leader in the event that Dave falters, there is no point him sitting in the shadow cabinet, best to distance himself and make the case for tax cuts at home and vigilance abroad. Think what Churchill would have done Foxy…

UPDATE : His new nickname amongst Tory MPs is “Dr Strangelove”. Which works for Guido on so many levels.
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