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John McTernan* is to run Labour’s Scottish campaign much to the SNP’s glee. Guido can’t help thinking that this is somewhat adventurous. He is Blair’s Director of Political Operations and has been interviewed by the police a few times and under caution at least once (“Where are the bloody deleted emails, McTernan?”). So there is a real possibility that he could be arrested in the middle of the campaign.

Blair’s unpopularity in Scotland is such that many question the wisdom of putting Blair’s man in charge, notwithstanding his experience as chief of staff to former First Minister Henry McLeish, who was forced to resign after after getting caught fiddling his expenses.

With the SNP set to become the largest party in Scotland, Machiavellian types might think it could be a deliberate and cynical strategy to put the blame publicly on Blairites for the decimation of Labour. Gordon will not be seen fronting the campaigning in his native homeland. Guido suspects McTernan’s appointment has more to do with his personal search for a seat for the post-Blair era.

*Hello John, nice to know you are a blog fan, took ages to find a recent picture of you.

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