Poor Piper Picks A Pickled Perjorative

He gets re-started only to put himself straight back into it. As Guido mentioned on Friday, his first post back after his un-PC shaming referred to “anonymongs”.

Hilariously he has now had to issue yet another apology. .

“..it is not proper terminology. I have been quite properly scolded in an e-mail from someone with a disability who points out that the term has connotations around the recognised meaning of mongoloid/Down’s Syndrome/subnormal and is deeply offensive to people with disabilities. I certainly didn’t make the connection, nor would I have used the word if I had… I apologise to anyone else who has been unwittingly offended “

Is he becoming Labour’s answer to Boris Johnson?

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Quote of the Day

John McDonnell tells the Gallery/Lobby lunch what the priest told him to do…

‘He persuaded me to do this. He said you need to soften your image. So do Mumsnet and do this…. I’m trying to soften my image.’


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