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When this blog got started the aim was to have fun at the expense of politicians, cause mischief, entertain and amuse Guido primarily. The readership was in the hundreds, the regular comment makers were witty or contributed gossip.

Now the daily readership is 10,000+ plus, and a good proportion of them seem to be total loons, it is getting tedious to have to delete dozens of comments a day. There also appears to be some kind of misunderstanding about the blog’s purpose – it is not a public service.

So for guidance here is a reminder of the somewhat arbitrary comments deletion policy:

    • If you want to libel someone – get your own blog.
    • If you want to abuse Guido, get your own blog (unless you do it wittily).
    • If you want to complain about Muslims, Jews, blacks, lizards, little green men in your head etc. Get your own blog.
    • If you want to complain that it is biased, get your own unbiased blog.
    • If you want lengthy discussion about policy, bore on your own blog.
    • If you get offended easily, don’t complain, don’t come back.

Comment moderation is a lot of hassle, but always an option.

UPDATE: As of 2016 the daily readership is over 100,000 plus a day.

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