GMTV : Last Christmas at No. 10 Cherie?Cherie : Not True

Bit of an ambiguous answer from Cherie on GMTV to Fiona Phillips during her guided tour of 10 Downing Street:

FP: This, of course is the staircase where this year’s Christmas card was taken.

CB: It was, funny thing is everyone said it was a plan but actually it was a last minute job, and we didn’t know where to take our photograph, and suddenly we just decided to do it here.

FP: Everyone says you did it here because it was the last Christmas here.

CB: I know but that wasn’t actually true it just happened.

Update : Chill people. Her tits do look perky in the piccy don’t they?

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One Tory MP remarked yesterday…

“How many are in four Bakers’ dozens? About 35…”


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