Tunnel Vision

A reliable co-conspirator emails:

On the Jubilee line yesterday at about 6.30pm, Gordon Brown got on my train at Westminster with his police protection. There weren’t any press there, nor did he talk to anyone, but just sat there reading. v odd. He didn’t speak to anyone, though lots of people kept doing double takes. He was still on it when I got off at Finchley Road.

Is he now using public transport to establish some Green credibility? Get on your bike Gordon…

UPDATE : The Evening Standard were planning to splash a piece with pictures of Gordon in his gas guzzling car to coincide with his “Green” PBR. Gordon’s people got wind of it. Hence the tube. Obvious really…

Picture Credit : Theo Spark

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Quote of the Day

David Mundell tells The Times…

“I expect Christmas to take place.”


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