Press Complaints Commissioner Complains About Blogs

Alastair Campbell chaired a session at the CRE Race Convention where the PCC’s Tim Toulmin complained about blogs during a session on, errm, “freedom of speech”. He basically advocated self regulation, something Guido already does. There is not a hope in hell that this blog would ever comply with an imposed code of conduct. How would it even be enforced? If anyone tries to close this blog down in the U.S. where it is hosted (despite first amendment protections of the U.S. constitution) it would be mirrored in minutes in a second jurisdiction. What would they do, cut off the internet?

Maybe with a bit of self-regulation Devil’s Kitchen will stop himself swearing and Recess Monkey will manage to mention the Loans for Lordships scandal – or more likely hell will freeze over.

Incidentally, is Guido the only one amused to discover that the CRE Convention held a race relations industry £1000-a-table* black-tie event at the Sheraton on Park Lane last night? It was apparently

“A fantastic networking opportunity bringing together public, private and voluntary sector managers, race equality professionals, community leaders, government representatives and celebrity guests.”

Wonder if the people of Bradford and Dagenham appreciated the inclusivity of it?

*not including VAT.

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