The Hand of God on the Blogs

ConservativeHome has a story up about the four finalists in tonight’s Tory selection contest for highly marginal Westminster North. This afternoon, a post in support of one of the candidates, Margaret Doyle, appeared arguing that another of the candidates, Tariq Ahmad, is a Muslim which wouldn’t play very well with the St Johns Wood Jewish vote. More significantly, the post went on to point out that a third candidate, Philippa Stroud, is a born again Christian who regards stopping abortion as a key issue – which would give Labour a field day.
After a short while, the post disappeared. Divine intervention? Tim Montgomerie is a friend of Philippa Stroud, a preacher’s wife, he shares her evangelical Christian outlook and is involved with the IDS-controlled Centre for Social Justice, of which Mrs Stroud is the Director. 81% of ConservativeHomies backed her to be on the A-list.

God works in mysterious ways…

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