Osborne “Gets It” and Knows His Master

Surprisingly good speech from George Osborne last night. Guido had a ring round and the consensus is that George probably wrote it himself. George is apparently a big fan of blogs (morning George), he namechecked my friends Iain Dale, Tim Montgomerie and Madam Popbitch. Guido got no mention. George did however churlishly ask “Is it right that libellous rumours can be flashed across the world by an obscure website based abroad that leaves its victim with no recourse?” Who does he mean?

Nevertheless he seems to have grasped the new media new order;

“This new democracy is a good thing. It is challenging our existing sources of authority, in the media and in politics, and so it should. For our population is disengaged from our political process, apathetic about its outcomes and – I am afraid to say – equally distrustful of the politicians who participate in it and the media that reports it all.

People are no longer prepared to sit and be spoon fed. They are taking matters into their own hands through their blogs and online networks and user-generated content.

They are organising political campaigns and building coalitions based around common interests. They are spreading news and information to one another on a scale never before thought possible.

They are the masters now.”

And don’t you forget it boy.

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Quote of the Day

Paul Goodman as sagacious as ever on Arron’s entryism…

“… one must watch for former UKIP donors and a very few left-of-Party-centre MPs propping each other up, like drunks at the end of a pub crawl. It suits the former to claim the power to organise a programme of mass infiltration. It suits the latter to react by complaining about extremist entryism. The rest of us should keep a cool head.”


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