Blair : “No Running Commentary” Turns Into “No Fair Trial”

Well he is getting a little jumpy isn’t he? He tells us every time the subject comes up that he isn’t going to “give a running commentary on an ongoing police investigation” into his peerage peddling. Almost every day the Lobby asks “Have the police interviewed the PM?”, the PMOS says no and refuses to answer any supplementary questions.

Now the King of Spin himself, with the whole of the government’s propaganda machine at his disposal and not forgetting the Labour party’s own disinformation skills ever ready to give off-the-record briefings, smear enemies and leak damaging details, is accusing the police of leaking!

So he is going to give some ongoing commentary – he is using the Abu Hamza/Gary Glitter defence; “I can’t get a fair trial because the media have found me guilty already.”

Well there is some truth in that and for good reason, but it is no reason why he should escape justice. Is he now saying that the British justice system is not fair? He removed the right to silence, re-introduced detention without trial, sought to remove jury trials in fraud cases and now he complains that he fears he won’t get a fair trial? Now that the CPS fix seems to have been denied to him, his options are running out, this is a desperate ploy. The idea that he won’t get a fair trial is nonsense, he has a case to answer, justice must be done and must be seen to be done. No one is above the law.

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Quote of the Day

Tobias Ellwood tells LBC…

“So Jeremy Corbyn will meet with Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA with no preconditions, but won’t meet the British Prime Minister without her agreeing to his precondition.”


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