Goldsmith Intends to Have Final Say

Angus MacNeil, the SNP MP who kicked off the Loans for Lordships investigation is far from impressed with the Attorney General’s insistence on signing off on any prosecution. It will be interesting to see who supports the EDM he has put down. If Sam Silkin, the former Labour Attorney General could recuse himself over the politically sensitive prosecution of Jeremy Thorpe, a Liberal, why can’t this friend of Tony Blair recuse himself from superintending the potential prosecution of the PM who appointed him and gave him his peerage*?


This House feels that justice must be done and be seen to be done, and that it cannot be acceptable, therefore, in the impartial exercise of his office that the Attorney General, who has been appointed to his position, by the Prime Minister should be involved in any capacity with consideration of a potential prosecution where the Prime Minister, his senior associates and staff may be involved; welcomes the Lord Chancellor’s undertaking, given to the Constitutional Affairs Committee on 19th April 2006 that the Attorney General would not interfere in the normal course of decisions being made; and accordingly calls on the Attorney General to recuse himself in all matters related to the cash for honours issue.

*After he made donations to the Labour party.

Click to enlarge full text of Attorney General’s letter to Dominic Grieve, his Tory shadow.

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