Exclusive : Nigel Griffiths Slapped Down by CPS over “Cash for Honours” Claims

Labour’s Nigel Griffiths is the deputy leader of the commons, on the Politics Show on Sunday he told John Sopel when challenged about Yates of the Yard’s investigation “I’m pleased that last week, I understand the Crown Prosecution Service, having looked at all the evidence in the cash for honours case, decided that there was not evidence to proceed with a conviction and I hope that that will lay to rest that issue as Sir Hayden Phillips looks at the future funding of political parties.”
Guido had one thought when he heard that – what a load of bollocks – Griffiths has got nothing to be pleased about and he is indulging in wishful thinking. Labour’s people are going to face charges. So like a proper journo Guido investigated. The CPS were already aware of Griffith’s comments when Guido spoke to them this morning. They officially stated that the investigation is still continuing. They have had several submissions already. They have not had the final submission from Yate’s team, finally the spokeswoman said in a tone that reminded Guido of Mrs Fawkes Nigel Griffiths understands wrong.

Click here to see Nigel Griffiths lie misunderstand [forward 26 mins in].

Incidentally, since the investigation is still ongoing, Mark Townsend of the Observer owes Guido £20 after that bet over that rubbish he wrote last month…


Angus MacNeil, the Scots Nats MP who initiated the Yard investigation, has rounded on Griffiths – “The Deputy Leader of the House is living in a delusional world if he thinks he can turn up on a politics programme and wish away the professional criminal investigators who are now investigating the Labour party. For a Government Minister to announce that the Crown Prosecution Service has pre-empted a police investigation, which won’t be completed until the end of the year, strikes me as bizarre or a very serious intervention into the criminal justice inquiry.”

UPDATE II : Nigel Griffiths lectured the LibDems on paying back their ill-gotten gains on the same show. He should know – it was he who was ordered to pay £31,000 of fiddled expenses back after being found guilty by the Independent Standards Commissioner of misusing House of Commons allowances, and diverting public money into party politics.

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