Tom Watson Apologises, Sion Deletes Video mdi-fullscreen

Tom Watson has now apologised.

I did post the video to you tube and I take responsibility for that. The aim was satire. Colleagues and newspapers thought it was rude. On reflection, they were right.

So, if anyone is upset – including David Cameron – I unreservedly apologise.

Like Guido said earlier, Tom Watson is a real blogger, he has used video blogging at least as effectively as WebCameron (and a lot more cheaply). Tom has done the right thing, Sion is just a twat.

UPDATE : Sion has taken the video down off YouTube. The Simon/Watson duo are the Scud missiles of politics. They target Blair with their resignations and end up damaging Brown. So now with time on their hands they launch a new media video attack on Cameron and end up apologising to Dave and driving traffic to WebCameron up tenfold. Doh!

Sorry Sion, nothing is deleted from the web. It is back up here on YouTube in full twat-o-vision courtesy once again of Biased BBC.

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