This is being announced a little ahead of schedule because Recess Monkey has kindly pre-announced it, no doubt in a well meaning move completely unrelated to Guido’s early highlighting of LabourHome.

You didn’t seriously think Guido was going to let David Cameron, Iain Dale and Tim Montgomerie take on the BBC all by themselves? No way was Guido going to miss out on the fun…

Ever since Adam Boulton and Nick Robinson started to blog, Guido was always going to videocast. So send in digital videos from video-cameras, webcams or even phone-cameras. As long as it is political and isn’t boring, Guy News TV is here…

Email videos (in any format) to news@GuyNews.tv. Keep ’em short and snappy.

UPDATE : The title came from an original idea by Pillars. Who would have been credited sooner had Guido been able to remember who gave him the idea.

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