Lie-O-Meter : Cherie v Carolin mdi-fullscreen
Carolin Lotter passes the Lie-O-Meter test so easily. Just check out her explanation here (the video is on the right) compared to Ms Blair’s “Honestly, guys, I hate to spoil your story, but I didn’t say it and I don’t believe it either.”

Why didn’t Bloomberg put her on air immediately instead of hiding her in a hotel room? She is genuine, not quite an ingĂ©nue, but she compares very well to the duplicitous, scheming and venal Cherie. That every talking head put up by the Labour party is willing to call Carolin a liar tells us all we need to know about them. Guido hears that there is a second source for the comment who, unlike the security officers, has not signed the Official Secrets Act.
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