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Praises Tony as a three times winner in tune with voters.

War-on-Terror, Backs Blair, “Liberty, Democracy and the American Way

Economic Prudence. Everything is Brilliant we live in a near utopia.

Changing circumstances mean changing policy solutions.

The back story : my dad, “I don’t romanticise my upbringing” then does that…

Partnership British Whatever Blah Blah Blah War on Terror Afghanistan Iraq Wherever Hearts and Minds

Yawn Globalisation Education Reforms Aspiration Education, “no child left behind”. Education up to 18. 60% rise in spending promised “invest in education.”

Energy-saving, green technology global crumbly candy bars job creation climate changing.

$20 billion foreign aid for climate change through World Bank.

Equality citizenship give me my preciousssss.

Minimum wage migration common language British “it is right”.

Shared national purpose. Britishness. Proud to be Scottish. Britain Britishness Brit I’m British I am, I am, Roll Out the Barrel me old China

Young people, young idealism, British, I want the preciousssss, infants, maternity benefits, breast is best.

Labour is on your side, more money, more homes, more more, give me the preciousssss


I believe there is nothing we can’t achieve as a country blah blah Beveridge blah blah society we the people partnership

Did you know I made the Bank of England independent? Nationalise the banks comrades!

Modernise NHS Best in the World modernise lead the world not standing still

Now about me me me me me

Not a celebrity, in it for the people

Arctic Circle not Artic Monkeys JOKE AT LAST

“I’d relish the opportunity to take on David Cameron and the Conservative party” Give me the precioussss….

Says in a revealing Freudian slip “Noble purses worth fighting for…”

Britain blah blah Great Society.

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