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You have to laugh when Channel 4 News describes the not yet launched anti-establishment web-TV channel as “right-wing” (see video report here). It is all relative isn’t it?

More 4 News is presented by the daughter of a former Labour party leader, anchorman John Snow was in the 80s a committed supporter of the Marxist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua and his manifest anti-Americanism still persists in all his reporting of the Middle East. C4 News is like an on-air version of the Guardian.

That the traditional broadcasters are sceptical is no surprise, that CCHQ is nervous might bemuse some, in truth they are “concerned” (trans. terrified) that they will permanently and completely lose control of the media message and become unable to easily manipulate their own activists.

Guido predicts that the station will be mocked in the early days as the inevitable technical glitches happen and the production values get established. Then it will become accepted, and finally respected. Remember how the dead-tree-press commentariat sneered at bloggers – before that is they all got themselves blogs? Remember too that More 4 News only gets 60,000 viewers. Guido will wager John Snow that this internet start-up channel will beat that in its first year.

*That C4 News Special on Political Blogging from last week that amused so many of you is here. (Launches only from IE not Firefox, doh!).

UPDATE : Zoe-Anne Phillips is the show’s totty – she is no Anne Coulter – she is not even a Tory. Her previous work includes appearing in “Bad Girls”.
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