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Blame the baby is a tactic Guido uses himself. Mislaid the keys? Tell the wife “the baby has hidden the keys again”. Hungover from hell and your morning meeting enquires as to why you are unshaven and cross-eyed, “baby is teething…”

A hungover Charles Kennedy used it when he couldn’t figure out the details of his own manifesto policy on local government finance at a press conference.

Had a covert meeting at home with Tom Watson, public instigator of the plot to destabilise your rival, the day before the plot was launched? Tell them “he came to see baby Fraser”.

Caught by a photographer laughing your tits off in the back of a car leaving Downing Street when the plot was executed? “I was laughing and joking about the baby.”

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mdi-timer September 10 2006 @ 10:59 mdi-share-variant mdi-twitter mdi-facebook mdi-whatsapp mdi-telegram mdi-linkedin mdi-email mdi-printer
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