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Katy Taylor-Richards, writing on ConservativeHome about CF (the Tory youth wing), seems for some reason to be not happy with Tory politicians despite not wanting to “sound critical, down-beat or at any cost venomous” she says:

“As a 22-year-old ‘Tory girl’, I am in the slap-bang middle of Conservative Future in that I am not student and am only just coming into working life. As such one would think that such a specimen as I (and those like me) would be harnessed and embraced”

Oh yes, yes, yes Katy.

“but in fact the opposite is true but I am unsure as to why this is. Thus this has made me disillusioned against the CF and the Conservative party as a whole.”

The whole? Not just any Conservative politician(s) in particular?

“We do not have to go so far to entertain political hyperbole, jargon and empty promises”, ahh empty promises, how scornful. “Why is it that no Shadow Cabinet member really takes an interest in CF?” Well Guido hears that some senior Tories do take an interest in CF affairs. “Why is it that no-one really reports on the movings of CF?” Guido is… “Why is it no-one really within CF understands CF?” Eh?

She ends by saying “We don’t need to talk about it we are it right now – we just need to realise it, embrace it and get on with it.” Quite. Whatever it is. Probably something dreadful so she cannot put it on paper.

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