Miliband Accuses Co-Conspirators of Being “Juvenile” mdi-fullscreen
Speaking on Radio 5 today Miliband once again demonstrated his arrogance and complete lack of a sense of humour. Nobody was interested in his bloody Wiki for weeks. Guido generously publicised the Wiki and the claim that it welcomed “new viewpoints”, even going to the trouble of making his own polite and reasoned contribution, as did a few fellow co-conspirators. The humourless control freak then throws all his toys out of the sandpit and refuses to let the taxpaying voters have their say because they mocked his conceited wonkspeak for what it was – utterly ridiculous. “Citizens will…” he repeatedly instructs from on high in Whitehall in his arrogant “environmental contract” when dictating his ideological instructions. When the citizens won’t publicly agree to follow the party line he loses it and closes the consultative process – he only wants to hear the citizens agree to do as he wills them to do. Do try to get it through your head Miliband, you work for us, not us for you.

UPDATE: Mrs Fawkes just looked up from today’s paper and said “You know that minister who was rude about you at that awards thingy, he has only gone and made a fool of himself of online.” “Oh really, has he?”

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