The Minister for Fitness

Caroline Flint is well known and admired by many, especially when throwing a few shapes on the dance-floor as at last year’s Labour party conference. She does have a nice smile.

She hopes to transform the public into a fitter and more active nation in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics. She says “The biggest gains to health and to the economy will be made by encouraging more physical activity among groups of people who don’t normally do any.” Quite, and she need only look to the tubbies in the government to start with, Fatty Clarke is gone, but Reid and Prezza remain as cabinet heavyweights. Gordon Brown is no lightweight either

If Prezza did some exercise beyond occasionally swinging a croquet mallet and giving secretaries dictation he might not feel so impotent.

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Quote of the Day

Former Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King…

“There are arguments for remaining in the EU and there are arguments for leaving the EU. But there is no case whatever for giving up the benefits of remaining without obtaining the benefits of leaving.”


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