Stick to Shooting Brazilian Electricians

Mrs Fawkes has just emailed this bit of nonsense from London’s Police Commissioner Ian Blair. He reckons “People are opening their doors, leaving their doors open now, or leaving them unlocked, certainly, in a way they haven’t done for 25 years.”

What? This year Guido has had three scooters stolen, Mrs Fawkes has had her car broken into and one night someone tried to climb in through the first floor window where she was sat on the sofa watching Big Brother.

Oh, almost forgot, Guido’s cycle that replaced the last scooter and so amused readers was nicked last week. Guido got into a fight with the thieving chav kids and despite three CCTV cameras overlooking the scene the police have not got back to me. Maybe if we leave the front door open they will brink it back?

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