Orange Hypocrisy Prize for Literature

Guess which corporation sponsored the respected anti-censorship campaigners Index on Censorship?

“Orange and Index on Censorship have linked up to create an innovative partnership designed to stimulate debate on social and political issues” The first Orange Index Debate at the University of London was on the subject “Does a civilised society need censorship?”

The Orange Index Debates formed part of a wider partnership between Orange and Index on Censorship, which included in-depth research about issues relating to censorship and freedom of speech and led to Index on Censorship publishing “The A-Z of Free Expression”. Denise Lewis, Orange Group Director of Corporate Affairs, said at the time: “Orange Index Debates is the first Orange initiative to extend its literary portfolio into student environments, building on Orange’s longstanding commitment to encouraging debate and providing a platform for people to communicate and share their passions.” Obviously that commitment to literature, debate and the fight against censorship does not extend to staff writing on Tory blogs…

Guido has been unable to get anyone at Index on Censorship to comment.

Hat-tip : Peter Noorlander

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Quote of the Day

Hamas offer only a qualified endorsement of the Labour Party’s leader…

“We Salute Jeremy Corbyn’s supportive positions to the Palestinians, but the issue of him as a prime minister is an internal British issue and we respect the choice of the British people.”


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