Overheard in Westminster…

A new (and untried) co-conspirator emails two interesting snippets from last week. Guido has not been in a position to verify them, so…

Damien McBride, Special Adviser to the Chancellor, was overheard talking loudly to David Cracknell of the Sunday Times in the Albannach Bar on Trafalgar Square on the Friday before last. Unaware he was being listened to, he told Cracknell that plans were afoot to replace the Deputy Prime Minister with David Miliband. Lo and behold the story appeared on the front page of the Sunday Times this week. It was attributed to a Downing Street source. What Cracknell failed to tell his readers was that his source was in fact No. 11 and not No. 10 but then that would have ruined his story wouldn’t it……

Ian Austin MP, another known ‘friend’ of the Chancellor‘, let off steam to other Labour MPs this week when he moaned that the No. 10 press office, and that David Hill in particular, had ‘messed up’ the leaking of the Desmond Swayne emails. He asked if there were anymore – we assume he thought he could do a better job. What is interesting though is that words very similar to those he used to his colleagues appeared in a Telegraph piece by Graeme Wilson and attributed to a Labour source. No coincidence is my guess.

Two acts of Brownite treachery in one week – unusual or just another week in the life of Brown’s friends? The “Miliband to be DPM” story seemed like bullshit provocation as Guido remarked at the time…

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Quote of the Day

Paul Goodman as sagacious as ever on Arron’s entryism…

“… one must watch for former UKIP donors and a very few left-of-Party-centre MPs propping each other up, like drunks at the end of a pub crawl. It suits the former to claim the power to organise a programme of mass infiltration. It suits the latter to react by complaining about extremist entryism. The rest of us should keep a cool head.”


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