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The Guardian’s much lauded launch of Comment is Free three months ago caused consternation at the Telegraph and the Times. Both of which are hastily playing blog catch-up. Ink was spilt and trees were slaughtered on the media pages about how the Guardian was ahead of the curve. They certainly have poured resources into it and they are very proud of it. The Guardian’s blog Goliath is poised to shake up the newspaper commentariat and the blogosphere we are told. Even my true blue friend Iain Dale has started writing for it. Shame on him. Guido however will not be bending to the Farringdon Road fiends and their attempt to corral independent writing from the blogosphere.
So something incredible happened last week – according to the online industry monitoring gurus Hitwise, more people actually read Guido’s blog than Comment is Free. Is it any surprise when you see their headlines, “Explosive? Don’t believe the hype over Labour’s errors” says Martin Kettle. “The Levy scandal is an accidental by-product of Blair’s negligence” writes Polly Toynbee. No Polly it wasn’t accidental, it was an illegal, corrupt and deliberately covert scam whereby for a price you could buy your way into the legislature, make law and rule over us. People want the truth, not apologia from the media.

Thanks to all you co-conspirators for the hundreds of emails daily, the many voicemails and faxes, without them this can not be done. Guido reads every single one. Remember, you make the news now, it is beyond their control. If you know the truth, tell it.
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