Hoodies Policy – Adam Smith Institute Inspired?

Dave is giving a headline catching speech today to the Centre for Social Justice. He will argue that we should be more positive towards youths in hoodies. Guido doesn’t mind kids in hoodies, it is the muggers he worries about. Guido suggests allowing citizens to carry a stun gun might be a complementary policy.
Ever ahead of the policy curve, the Adam Smith Institute hoodies have been available since April. In colours of deep blue, light blue and white with the logo graffiti “tag” across the chest.

The ASI’s Madsen Pirie says “They are not guaranteed to get you into shopping malls, but they will attract admiring looks as the ultimate in street-cred think tank wear.”

Young Cameroonies can buy them online from the free-market think tank for £22. Each one comes with a complimentary ASBO – an Anti-Socialist Behaviour Obligation.

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David Mundell tells The Times…

“I expect Christmas to take place.”


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