Guido is off to Lunch

Comment moderation has been switched on, because:

  • (a) too many idiotic and worst of all, unfunny comments
  • (b) certain IP addresses using different names are acting as agents provocateurs
  • (c) Guido will not be around to monitor them till after lunch, which is a five hour affair in France on Friday. Well, for Guido it is anyway.
Journos should note that Guido is not giving interviews or listening to voicemails. Hopefully will have something confirmed for you all before close of business today. No promises.
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Quote of the Day

Ruth Davidson on working with PM Boris

“I have worked with him when he was Foreign Secretary. I will work with whoever the Prime Minister is. I haven’t had a phone call yet to ask me to run his campaign in Scotland. I am not expecting the call. But I will genuinely judge him on the same criteria as I judge any of the candidates.”


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