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John Humphrys did what he is paid to do this morning. Three times he asked Prescott have there been any other affairs? Three times he blustered without answering the question. Because of course there have been many other affairs, not just “one mistake” as he disingenuously repeated over and over again. There is, for example, a blousy Quango Queen yet to be named who has benefitted financially over the years from Prescott’s continued patronage.

Prescott’s office is spinning the Victoria Beckham line of defence** “we are not going to dignify these allegations with a response”, it is a “Tory smear campaign”. Guido has some news for Prescott’s office, it is more of a Brownite, fingerprint-free “let him hang out to dry campaign”. If anything the Tories would prefer him rotting in office with his voter-repulsive reputation on show at all times. The Brownites on the other hand would like an election (or two) this September to coincide with Labour’s party conference, and you can be sure that installing Harriet Harman as DPM is not their only objective. Getting rid of Prezza is a way of getting rid of Blair, as Prescott himself has said, “we came as a package”…

UPDATE : According to Iain Dale he was asked eight times, not three, Guido was trying to feed breakfast to Baby Ms Fawkes and listen on a tinny broadband feed from a laptop. Listen online to Prezza’s bluster and Nick Robinson On Prezza.

*Three is nowhere near the total figure of course.
**Victoria Beckham famously took that line against Rebecca Loos, threatened to sue, blustered then dropped it. Because, of course, David Beckham did shag Rebecca Loos.

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