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Guido’s co-conspirators are enjoying the political summer parties; the Fabians had their do last night, it was not anywhere near as glamourous as Dave’s affair according to Guido’s man at the party. She who wants to be Brown’s DPM (and might be Blair’s DPM at this rate), Harriet Harman, gave a speech which was stunning in that it shows how much top labour people seeming to be losing their grip on reality.

In an attempt at a rabble rousing speech the politico-totty said “The Tories got a real drubbing in Bromley and Chiselhurst, but we shouldn’t allow ourselves to become complacent”. Err, the Tories won, you lost Harriet, you got beat into fourth place by UKIP, Labour got a real drubbing in Wales as well. Had she gone crazy after too much sun and booze?

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