LibDem Bromley Ben’s Shady Secret

Nowhere on Ben Abbots’ website does it mention his day-job. Guido is willing to be corrected but he cannot find his occupation mentioned anywhere on his campaign site. There is the traditional “it’s a two horse race” claim, there is the traditional dubious bar-chart showing the LibDems neck and neck, yet no mention anywhere that he is a spin merchant. Even by the low standards of spin-merchants his employers LLM are considered to be among the sleaziest, infamous for being founded by New Labour insiders who offered (and were caught offering) the prospect of access (for cash) to government ministers. To this day they are known to be the grubbier members of a pretty grubby profession. No wonder he describes himself merely as “a campaigner”.

For whom and what does LLM campaign?

  • Southern Water & Anglian Water – against regulator fines and for higher consumer charges.
  • Bechtel, The Campaign for More and Better Homes, George Wimpey plc, National House Building Council – to build more houses in Bromley.
  • Capita – crap services, million quid bungs to Lord Levy and administrative cock-ups costing millions for the taxpayer.
  • Orange – mobile phone masts.
Given the Nimbyism of Bromley voters it is hardly surprising that he keeps quiet about his “campaigning”.

UPDATE : According to a co-conspirator Ben was once a leading member of the University Of Bristol Labour Club.
UPDATE : He apparently describes himself as a “political consultant”. No Ben, you are a grubby lobbyist for one of the sleaziest firms in a sleazy business with clients that are unpopular with voters. That is why you hide the truth on your website.

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