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The Guardian’s Ros Taylor, inventor of the “Political Hottie” evaluation technique for politicians, drools today at the prospect of Margaret Thatcher’s state funeral. She writes of what “was most unpleasant about Thatcherism – the unashamed greed, the sexual hypocrisy, the overweening sense of entitlement.” So completely different from the Blairite years.

In this age of government by politicians of selflessness, probity and sexual fidelity it would be unthinkable to imagine that a Labour prime minister would turn a blind eye to torturers shipping their victims through British airports. In 1997 when things could only get better, did Labour supporters imagine that the entire Labour cabinet would stay silent as this happened? Actually they don’t stay silent, they use legalistic evasions and word formulas of which they should be ashamed.

And the kind and caring Guardian readers, how do they treat the prospect of the death of an aging widow? With sympathy? Humanity? Here is a small selection from the comments by Guardian readers on Ros Taylor’s article:

Personally, I don’t care how they bury her, just as long as they do it soon.

I wish you wouldn’t do that. I was about to throw a party thinking the witch was dead.

I’ve got the champagne on ice.

There’s a celebration event planned for the week after she snuffs it in Trafalgar Square (bring a bottle but remember it’s supposed to be a dry venue)

I’m Dreaming for the Day that Margaret Thatcher’s Dead

When England was the whore of the world, Margaret was her Madam

Someone please introduce a wooden stake into her black heart, just in case.

State funeral? Yes please, NOW while she can still be buried alive.

They should bury her somewhere with good drainage, cos of all the folk who’ll want to take a wee on her grave.

She’ll rot in hell.

Who are the nasty people now?

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