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You have until midday to get your questions in to No. 10 (send to Don’t get your hopes up too high. According to the website Tony Blair will be

taking questions from two respected newspaper journalists, Sarah Sands of the Daily Mail and Sir Michael White of The Guardian, as well as from users of the Downing Street website. This is an opportunity for you to submit questions to be answered by the PM. The interviewers will select the questions and put them to the PM on your behalf.

Yes, Sir Michael will be filtering your questions for Tony Blair. Sarah Sands* was sacked from the Torygraph, where she admitted she was not “traditional Telegraph material – I imagine some of its distinguished former leader writers would turn in their graves”. So don’t expect your hard-hitting questions to be relayed quite as aggressively as you might like. Wonder why Blair’s spinners chose them?

Only two hours remain for you to think up that Paxmanesque question, don’t forget you have to include your name and city in the question. So they know where to find you…

*She is infamous for once advocating (to Charles Moore’s dismay) that the Torygraph should “play on people’s fears” and should “sell stories hard, but just stop short of distortion”.

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