Triangulating Tories v Gordon’s Geometrics

Dave’s Notting Hill crowd now seem to be always praising the same public sector workers whom last night the chancellor warned should expect continuing low pay settlements when he moves into No. 10. Gordon used his speech to the CBI to say that this year’s 2.25% deal is the way it is going to be going forward. It was transparently designed to show him as tough on the public sector and that he is not the roadblock to reform. The next generation of Labour politicians from the Primrose Hill mob also take every opportunity to lavish praise on free enterprise. This cynical triangulation means an end to conviction politics – no one near power seems to believe in anything except winning votes and gaining power. If the Tories are not about cutting taxes and shrinking the state, what difference will they really make?

The voters will become even more cynical about politicians as a result. The LibDems trying to sound tough on crime and criminals is another example of triangulation politics. It is just not convincing or at all inspiring. That politicians think the public are gullible enough to believe it shows the contempt they have for us.

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Lucy Allan explains her positive comments about the Brexit Party…

“If EU elections are held, Leave supporting voters will want to vote for Leave supporting candidates… Usual party loyalties will be eclipsed by the Leave v Remain divide. It’s good to see strong candidates in the Leave camp. However, I sincerely hope we leave the EU before these elections are held so that we can move on and not waste time and money on unnecessary EU elections.”


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