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Rebekah Wade is pedalling furiously to reposition The Sun as pro-Cameron. Is she doing enough to please Rupert Murdoch? In the tabloids it is the Mirror and the Mail on Sunday making all the running on New Labour sleaze leaving The Sun to publish naughty pictures of Mrs McCartney (wife of the Beatle not the Labour apparachtik). Rebekah is just too close to New Labour and she personally has too much history to put behind her – she was after all Blunkett’s shoulder to cry on as well as his benefactor. With Cameron 10% ahead Murdoch will be thinking about changing the editorial jockey in the saddle.The return of Kelvin Mackenzie to the pages of The Sun was evocative, the paper was once the authentic voice of Thatcherism. Who could craft a Cameroonie voice in the future? The News of the Screws has been doing well with circulation at an awesome 4 million, why not shift Andy Coulson over to The Sun?
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