More Sir Michael White Brown Nosing

A Guido co-conspirator emails to draw attention to the continuing campaign of “Sir” Michael White.
The old boy was wheeled on to kill time on News 24 last night (presumably Iain Dale was unavailable). He boasted about how he had spent time with Prezza on his birthday, and how he was the first to know about Dorneywood etc. Then, totally off your own bat, he came out with this: “He’s in remarkably good form for someone of his age. It’s hard to remember he’s 68. He’s older than me, you know, he doesn’t look it.”

Has to be worth at least an OBE.

Guido is not cyber-stalking Sir Michael, he is a seriously good writer, he has insight, it is just that he has become far too close to, and trusting of the regime. He claimed very recently (in his touchy footnote to bloggers) that he doesn’t socialise with politicians, then tells us he celebrated Prezza’s birthday. The whole “Sir Michael” subject results in more Lobby journalists emailing Guido than any other subject. Some say Guido has got it all wrong about him, others that he is far worse than Guido paints him. Judge for yourself…

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Quote of the Day

Dame Laura Cox report into Pestminster slams Bercow and his team…

“I find it difficult to envisage how the necessary changes can be successfully delivered, and the confidence of the staff restored, under the current senior House administration.”


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