Cornerstone’s Crumbling Supporters

Word reliably reached Guido that high profile new MP Justine Greening, a thrusting moderniser, was not pleased to be listed on the Cornersone Group’s website. She is not a member of the Cornerstone group, though she did turn up to one dinner and “was surprised” to discover her name consequently was on the list.
Stephen Hammond also said he was not a member and was writing to Cornerstone to ask could they take down his name off the site. Even a Vulcan like Redwood disassociated himself from Cornerstone’s recent comments, diplomatically saying however that internal democracy is healthy.

Cornerstone claim the support of forty MPs, many were listed on the front page of the website, but somehow between the time Guido started asking around and actually writing this piece, many names have mysteriously disappeared from the website. So who are the remaining named parliamentary members of this career shortening group of headbangers?

Ian Liddell Grainger, John Hayes, Rt Hon John Redwood, Julian Brazier, Laurence Robertson, Lee Scott, Mark Harper, Owen Paterson, Peter Bone, Philip Davies, Philip Hollobone, Robert Goodwill, Stephen Crabb and William Cash.

A week ago the same page also listed Desmond Swayne, Douglas Carswell, Edward Leigh, Gerald Howarth, Graham Stuart, Greg Hands, Justine Greening and Stephen Hammond. Surely Edward Leigh is Cornerstone’s cornerstone?

Perhaps we can get ConservativeHome.Com to list the names of the “40-strong group of socially conservative Tory MPs” in the same way they do with modernising A-listers?

UPDATE : The ever helpful Tim Montgomerie has emailed to say he is getting an “official” list of Cornerstone’s MPs.

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