Polls Give Cameron Good Reason to Smile

After six months Cameron’s Conservatives have good reason to smile;

  • Tories are polling as good as they have since White Wednesday
  • The LibDems are polling the worst since they were founded
  • The Tories are ahead of Labour on schools and hospitals – even Thatcher didn’t achieve that
  • Crucial women voters are attracted to Cameron more than Brown or Ming
  • The Sun has abandoned Blair, gone cold on Brown and warmed to Cameron
  • The old Tory right is mutely eclipsed as “Project Cameron” makes progress
  • After 9 years New Labour is mired in sleaze and Lord Levy will probably be arrested by the end of the year
  • Blair is loathed by much of his own party and may face a divisive challenge at the party conference
  • Labour’s much vaunted “Chameleon Cameron” attack gambit backfired, a campaign upon which senior Labour strategists had pinned their hopes
  • Local Elections saw 316 Tory gains, Lib Dem’s flatlining and Labour losing everywhere
  • The polls say that a Brown v Cameron head-to-head will see Cameron win
  • Donors are giving generously to the Conservative Party as the Lib Dems look in financial trouble and could be forced to repay £2.4m given by a fraudster. Labour has had to repay secret loans from disappointed wannabee Lords and sell it’s London HQ.
  • The bookies are making the Tories favourite to be the biggest parlaimentary party after the general election
The siren warnings that Blair would make minced meat of Dave at PMQs look a little ridiculous now. Week after week Blair falls back on blaming the past and reeling off statistics that no one believes. Even The Telegraph and the Daily Mail have forgotten their early sceptical concern as “Project Cameron” delivers progress. Is there any wonder why Dave is grinning?

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Quote of the Day

Expelled Tory MP, Richard Benyon, on the short three-day Programme Motion for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill:

“Whether you had three days, three weeks or three months debating this, you would not hear one original argument that we hadn’t otherwise heard in this process…”


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