Blair’s Selective Education

Guido is reliably informed that the value of Euan Blair’s scholarship is approximately $100,000. A generous scholarship for a middling ability student with an upper second from Bristol. Playboy Euan will fit in at Yale, alma mater of his dad’s buddy George Bush, who majored in drinking with a specialism in chasing girls.

So who paid? U.S. sources say it is not any government programme, but given the popularity of Tony Blair in the U.S. the surname would have opened the coffers of many Anglophile foundations. Who knows, maybe the treasury of the Skull and Bones Society helped out the son of the closest ally of the society’s most powerful member?

Euan could of course be “tapped” to become one of the fifteen new initiates selected each year to join the ranks of the Skull and Bones. Dubya himself followed in his father’s footsteps in becoming a member. As we have learnt, nothing is impossible with the Blairs.

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